The Alt Right Movement

We would like to invite you to attend a Panel discussion on The Alt Right Movement at Congregation Etz Chayim, March 15 7:30 P.M.


Matthew Flisfeder is an Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Communications at the University of

Winnipeg. His research addresses questions about the intersection of media, ideology, and

subjectivity, and examines the role of media and popular culture in reproducing ideological

hegemony and in interpellating subjects compliant in the dominance of capitalism and

neoliberalism. His current research focuses on the relationships between social media and

neoliberal ideology, as well as the ways that representations of digital culture in popular media

speak to the political and cultural anxieties of the contemporary stage of the capitalist relations of

production. He is the author of Postmodern Theory and Blade Runner (Bloomsbury 2017) and

The Symbolic, the Sublime, and Slavoj Žižek’s Theory of Film (Palgrave MacMillan 2012), co-

editor of Žižek and Media Studies: A Reader (Palgrave MacMillan 2014), and his article,

“‘Trump’ – What does the name signify; or Protofascism and the Alt-Right: Three

Contradictions of the Present Conjuncture,” will be available in the March 2018 issue of Cultural


Allen Mills is a professor of political science whose interests are mainly to do with Canadian political ideas. His first major work was

a biography of James Shaver Woodsworth, the first leader of the CCF. Of late he has been working on a book-length manuscript

of the political ideas of Pierre Elliott Trudeau from 1944 to 1965.

Kawser Ahmed is a PhD in the Arthur V. Mauro Center for Peace and Justice Studies in University of Manitoba, Canada.

His research interest is on faith and community based organizations and peace-building, external aid and peace building

(with special emphasis on Northern Ireland), religion based extremism, and counter terrorism.


Martin Itzkow – Strategic organizational culturalist and Values-Based Coach. Barrett Values Centres Values Consultant (UK)