Welcome To Congregation Etz Chayim

Come here. Come hear.

Come here to celebrate Jewish living. Come hear the blissful sounds of a Shabbat morning.

A Shabbat morning at Etz Chayim is a glorious snapshot of what life at our shul is all about. We sing, we laugh, we learn, we pray. Above all, we are building a warm, caring, and energetic community of people who truly enjoy being together at services, at Kiddush, and at programs.

Since the birth of Etz Chayim in 2002, our shul has been an energetic centre of Jewish living and Jewish identity in Winnipeg. And we are becoming more dynamic all the time.

On Shabbat morning, you will often find yourself in the company of fellow community members of all ages (even more when there’s a simcha!); our youth programs are successful, purposeful, and fun; our Shabbat afternoon study sessions attract bright and engaged congregants and guests eager to delve into Jewish learning; our congregational Shabbat dinners are bursting at the seams; our holiday celebrations are warm, meaningful, and innovative.

We are a congregation committed to community service, to learning, and to celebrating the enormous joy and pleasure that Judaism offers. We try to bring people closer to Torah, and closer to each other.

We are also very proud that Etz Chayim has become the preferred synagogue of so many Jews by choice. People who are considering conversion to Judaism, and those who have already begun their journey, will find a welcoming home at Etz Chayim and a community ready to embrace them.

Whether you’re a lifelong Winnipegger or a newcomer to the city, we invite you to join us! Come here on Shabbat morning. Come hear our fabulous cantor and join the chorus of an active, participating congregation and then stay for Kiddush.

We hope to see you soon!