Shalom, and welcome to Shoresh, our reinvented Congregation Etz Chayim community news magazine.

Shoresh means “root” in Hebrew.  Tree roots, hidden mostly from view, extend outward in all directions from the base of a tree.  They anchor the tree in the ground, helping it stand with grace and stability to weather the fiercest of storms.  Roots also absorb water from the ground, collecting nutrients the tree needs to develop and grow.

People, families, and communities have roots – our parents, grandparents and the generations of people who came before us.  Our ancestors laid the foundation of our tradition and culture – what we do, what we believe, and the customs and rituals we follow.  Like tree roots, our cultural roots anchor our lives with purpose and meaning.

Shoresh is one branch of our synagogue’s new strategic plan focusing on communication, engagement, unity, Jewish literacy, and finding meaning in Jewish life.

Shoresh is your magazine!  Like an “etz” – a tree- Shoresh will evolve and grow if you help nourish it.  We welcome your feedback, thoughts and ideas.  Please contact our editor, Leslie Malkin at if you would like to write, share photos, or contribute in any way.


We hope you will enjoy reading Shoresh!