TV Kids Media School

New episodes of TVKIDS show produced by kids 9-14 years old during the fall session of TVKIDS media school are available on Youtube.

The next session at TVKIDS Media school  starts February 18. To register please call (204) 589-6305 or e-mail: info@etzchayim.

1. “Comedy cooking”. Polar bear cake topper and fun facts.

2. How to make slime. “Science fun with Mia and Miya”

3. “Science fun with Mia and Miya”. Colors on the move and ghost glove.

4. “Animal talk”. Getting a Pet Rabbit: What to Expect.

5. “Animal Talk”. Things to Know Before Getting a Pet Guinea Pig.

6. “Animal Talk” with Winnipeg Humane Society. How to adopt the perfect dog?

Please click the following link to see short film entitled “Chanukah Stories”

featuring the children from the inaugural TV KIDS MEDIA SCHOOL

Special Thanks to Taya Rtichsheva for teaching the class and producing the film.

TV Kids Media Chanukah Stories


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Stay tuned with TVKIDS, presented by Congregation Etz Chayim

and supported by Jewish Foundation of Manitoba, and watch programs,

created by talented kids!