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Upcoming IN-PERSON Programs

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As we move into the month of September, we are delighted to continue with in-person programs, worship and our modified kiddush lunch. 


For all those planning to attend Shabbat Morning and/or other programs in-person please be aware…

  • Registration is NO LONGER required to attend Shabbat Morning Services & kiddush lunch

  • Registration for in-person programs will continue

  • With the exception of the High Holy Days, capacity for in-person worship & programs will continue to be limited 

  • Proof of full vaccination for individuals over five years of age will continue to be REQUIRED

  • Masks will continue to be required indoors

  • Simchas will continue to be open to invited guests only

We feel that continuing with our gradual reopening plans is the best approach to keep our congregants, staff and volunteers safe as we transition back to in-person gatherings. 

REGISTRATION WILL CONTINUE TO BE REQUIRED FOR ALL IN-PERSON PROGRAMS:​ Click on the event image above to find the RSVP registration link for each In-Person event.

Our Trees of Life Story Corner

This month starting from June 4 up to June 6, is the holiday of Shavuot; a holiday in which we celebrate our receiving of the Torah. It is only fitting that during this special time that we take a small break from sharing individual stories in order to showcase and celebrate the history of our own house of Torah.


Rather than a recorded interview, this month we bring a beautifully written article by one of congregants and a Historian, Sharon Graham. The article is entitled "CONGREGATION ETZ CHAYIM AND ITS GHOSTS: The Memorial Rooms of a Living House of Worship." This article was published in the 2021 Journal of the Society for the Study of Architecture in Canada. Just as it is important to know each other better, it is also important to know the space to which we call our spiritual home more deeply including the congregations that had previously called this space home, how Congregation Etz Chayim came to be and how we memorialize these history and family members who came before us.

Click HERE to enjoy this story!